QVALON for Grocery

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Paul Richter Director of Sales Operations, HENDERSON

“QVALON is a very user-friendly, highly customizable platform that can be implemented in a plethora of ways. The support team has an extremely fast response time (often identifying and beginning to address issues before you have a chance to reach out to them about it).”

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James Samarkin Regional Director of ZENDEN Group Zenden

“Optimization is good when it is effective. That's why we work with QVALON.”

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Maxim Terekhin Senior E-Commerce Manager Netcost Market

“QVALON liberated us from heaps of monotonous tasks.”

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Paul Schlader Owner, Birch Coffee

“QVALON is truly a lifesaver, to say the least. It has saved me many times.”

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Irene Kogut Shop Design and Merchandising Supervisor, Amway

“We have been working with QVALON since 2019, and we are fully satisfied with the service provided. We hope for further development of the system.”

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Ian Lyubimov National Project Manager, Burger King

“We are pleased with the results. We are able to identify opportunities to improve the process of interaction with cleaning companies and training personnel who are involved in daily maintenance.”

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Olly Konova Quality Director, World Class

“QVALON simplifies processes related to analytics, operational data collection and evaluation of audit results, as well as control over task implementation.”

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Michael Sviri Store Operations Support Manager, MODIS

“QVALON is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and can be used to ‘work on mistakes’ made with previous tasks.”

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Andrew Frost Deputy Head of the IT Department, BILLA

“QVALON helps us maintain internal quality standards at the level we strive for.”

The grocery industry remained operational and continued to employ professionals during the pandemic that helped sustain the economy. With their status under critical services, retail-based grocery businesses need to upgrade technologically to adapt and thrive in frequently changing post-pandemic times, or the new normal as it is called.

QVALON Helps With


Key Metrics

Stay on top of crucial reports that reflect the business health of your organization, such as year-on-year sales, sales per employee, shrinkage, customer satisfaction, operating expense, compliance reports, and more.

Store Visits

Move on from checklists, reports, spreadsheets and notices in hard copies. Do online review of actual operational quality against standards so as to assist teams to overcome deficiencies. Digitally source knowledge from staff regarding the challenges they

Digitized Expiration Monitoring

Reduce inventory loss and digitize daily checking with focus on products set to expire in near future. Notify store teams to check selected inventory only and save their time for more productive tasks. Create offers on such products for quick clearance.


Spot trends in crucial reports to find root causes of non-compliance and work upon needed corrections. Make accurate predictions for future performance and accordingly set targets for retail units.

Trained & Educated Staff

Keep your frontline teams updated on any revisions to operational processes and standards as per their specific job roles. Convey information quickly regarding any changes in regulatory policies and protocols.

Task Management

Designate responsibilities as per individual duties of employees. Define process flows in case of success, failure, or delay in execution of assigned tasks. Use photo-based reports for quick and easy-to-understand feedback.