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Who we are

What does QVALON do?
QVALON empowers the field team in the chains with a mobile app that simplifies store management operations daily.
How QVALON do that?
By using the QVALON store supervision team gets real-time analytics on the store operations, as all the data coming from the mobile app running in-store.
Any task setting-wise activities across distributed stores are now just a few clicks instead of tones of emails, calls, and paper. Learn more

80+companies grow with us

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Andrew Podgornov

Andrew Podgornov

CEO. 15+ years of enterprise software consulting. Accenture, SAP, T-Systems in the past.

Boris Shkolnikov

Boris Shkolnikov

CTO. 10+ years of enterprise software consulting, former SAP Architect.


Tim Ceci

Tim Ceci

A senior retail executive with Banana Republic, Gap, Nike, etc. Heads a Tim Ceci Retail Consulting.

Kenan Rappuchi

Kenan Rappuchi

Founder & Chief Growth Officer Sellerant. B2B Mentor, Coach and Advisor.


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QVALON was founded

A group of experienced IT professionals created a product for retail operations management.

qvalon team

First enterprise satisfied with QVALON

We solved the problem of digitalizing paper checklists using a mobile app for a retail chain with 10,000 stores.


Started working with Burger King

We started working with Burger King — the network of fast-food restaurants. The number of customers reached 45. Funded by the institutional investor — Prytek.

Burger King

Expanding business to 7 countries

Our clients work in the USA, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia. We got Microsoft support for Tech Startups.

Expanding business to 7 countries

U.S. office opening

The New York office has been opened. Selected from thousands of companies to be a part of Alchemist Accelerator. Funded by the Alchemist Accelerator.

U.S. office opening

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Our values

  • Quality Obsessed with quality. Bring it together with our clients to end-users.
  • Accountability Responsible for our decisions and their consequences. No doubts.
  • Customer-first We are confident that our product brings prosperity to our clients cause we are building it based on relevant needs we learn from our customers.