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To improve company transparency, process efficiency, internal operations,
and employee  experience through analytics-driven system management.
QVALON Solutions Create Entire Kaizen Ecosystem — Products
Where we start
icon quality Quality Assurance
  • Checklists
  • Analytics
  • Photo reports
  • Task management
All Managers
  • Top Managers efficiency
  • Transparency & Online analytics
  • Soft sales +5%
up arrow
Staff Efficiency icon Staff Efficiency
  • Time tracking
  • Rationing and calculation of needs in personnel
  • Shift exchange
All Managers
  • Proper staff rotation
  • Payroll cut +15%
  • Efficiency improvement +25%
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bag icon Consulting
And build up with these later
bag and dollar icon Boost Sales
  • Sales assistant mobile location
  • Online video consulting from the site
Marketing Managers
  • NPS +15%
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icon target Brand Perception
  • Customer feedback
  • Speech analytics
  • Competitor analysis
Sales & Operational
  • Hard sales +15%
  • Soft & Hard sales +5%
  • Early consumer insights - key in post-COVID world
up arrow
icon connection Guidance
  • Understanding the quality of online shopping
  • Financial performance analytics
Operational & Marketing up arrow
icon quality Tech Innovations
  • Online SKU availability on a shelf
  • Speech analytics
  • Online video automation
Operational Managers
  • Hard sales +5%
  • SKU delivery process improvement
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bag icon Consulting
— Resultsflame icon
bow target

Growth of Sales, Payroll cut, NPS, Budgeting (Optimizing and Investments)

Transparency & Efficiency of Top Managers

Qvalon - is a SaaS solution for checklist automation on mobile devices for retail chains.

It was specially designed to work in retail chains and restaurants. You can customize the organizational structure of your company in the system, assign responsible persons, and set quality criteria for each business process.

Our main goal is to help our clients to achieve uniform quality across thousands of outlets across a business that is both growing and changing its model.

Today, QVALON helps businesses improve their operational processes with a system that measures efficiency and execution, and offers real-time visibility across business units. Qvalon is now used to conduct millions of safety and quality control inspections globally every month. It's used by the biggest retail companies with more than 10,000 stores, by banks for risk management, and by restaurants for their quality control.

Starting from checklist automation on mobile devices, we move to operational business processes in the areas of HR, task management, and inventory.

Also, we can collect data from the internet about customer brands, analyze that data, and then combine it with data from internal audit departments with real customer feedback. 

This provides a 360-degree analysis of how well operational processes are functioning, as well as specific opportunities for improvement.

In 2019, Prytek a multinational corporation based in Singapore with a diverse $300M portfolio focused on technology and operations-as-a-service companies invested in QVALON.

Our team is ambitious and made up of specialists with domain expertise in IT, retail, and marketing. We have extensive experience in these domains and know exactly what your business needs.

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