QVALON's time and attendance functionality is designed to streamline and automate the process of tracking employee hours and managing attendance SIMPLE AND FLEXIBLE TIME PLANNING AND TRACKING FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES
Interface of the time recording module of the mobile application and web version QVALON
Interface of mobile application and web version of QVALON
Features of the QVALON Workforce Management
QVALON Up-to-date information Monitoring

QVALON system includes an intuitive mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out using their smartphones, eliminating the need for traditional time clocks

QVALON Claim creation Planning

The QVALON system offers a number of functions that allow managers to easily plan work shifts of staff, and then monitor the structure of attendance and ensure compliance with labor laws and company policies

QVALON Analytics Analytics

QVALON system also offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing managers to easily view and analyze attendance data, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions

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Interface of the Clock In / Out module of the QVALON mobile app Interface of the Clock In / Out module of the QVALON mobile app
Retailers Needs

Poor attendance management brings payroll discrepancies and accounting errors

Manual data input causes human errors and erroneous entries

Micromanagement takes too much time of the local executives like store managers, and district managers

Paper data nurtures incorrect employee balances and accruals

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