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Improve staff motivation ☝️with QVALON

Sep 08, 2021 5 min read

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Hearing the word “motivation” many people immediately imagine a system of fines and bonuses for staff that directly depends upon the quantity and quality of the work done. Our dislike towards any rating system is deep-rooted in our thoughts. Majorly because that is how our education system works, where good test score is a reward and you are perceived as a smart, intelligent and hardworking student. While a poor test score suggested you as the opposite.

staff motivation with QVALON

For this reason, QVALON is often misunderstood as a tool to control employees through error detections and subsequent penalties, though its scope for managing staff motivation is much wider.

Incorrect understanding leads to demotivation

The crucial thing is to change the perception towards words such as control, monitor, reviews, checks, audits, etc. In an organization, such terms do not always correlate to managing motivations through fines and bonuses as per work. But to find potential growth points for the whole company. An effective way to find them is to conduct regular operational audits, or in simple terms, checks. Thus, the process of monitoring employees reshapes into a way to improve the entire company’s work.

List of motivation tools available with QVALON

QVALON provides advanced features to improve staff motivation which are relevant in current business dynamics and challenges.

  • Motivate the staff with assessments

QVALON allows you to objectively assess the staff’s work quality. The most obvious way to motivate your employees is to make the bonus amount based on the scores obtained during the audit through QVALON. However, there are certain aspects. It is common for an employee to be offered a bonus for 100% compliance with corporate standards, in addition to their basic salary.

This is wrong. Corporate quality standards are a mandatory work condition. If an employee does not comply with them, then they do not work well enough. It is not ideal to pay extra for fulfilling the basic requirements of the company. Logic dictates bonus amount being proportional to the degree of compliance with the established standards. It will be more reasonable to allocate additional bonuses for the work performed above the basic requirement.

  • Encourage productive initiative

One of the problems of large companies is it is very easy to be overlooked among large numbers of employees, even if you work better than others. Obviously, if you do not notice an employee who took the initiative, it will play against their motivation. Even if they do not work badly, you will not see any more effort from them.

QVALON will not only help set up employee monitoring to detect errors but also to identify those who perform better than others. With a report on all the stores for a certain period of time, you will spot the managers working at high efficiency and you will be able to reward them.

You can also use the task setting function to manage staff motivation. For example, all the managers of the chain stores are tasked with presenting the option of placing a new collection in the women's area. One of the managers also presented options for men's and children's areas. In this case, you immediately see the employee's initiative and if it is successful, you can send it to other managers as a sample in real-time.

In this way, you motivate the proactive manager to continue their efforts and quickly implement good ideas across the network.

  • Create a high potentials pool 

The best talent grows inside a company. They know the company’s work from the inside. It is not easy to identify such employees. Those who rush into leadership roles are not always good candidates as they would like to be. Evaluating their work must be performed based on their actual performances.

With QVALON, you can objectively create an internal talent pool. We recommend double-checking audit results. First by the store manager and then by the regional manager. If these assessments agree with each other over a period of time, then this indicates a high work quality of the store manager. This means they can be included in the internal talent pool.

This verification method can also be used to motivate staff. If store managers know that they have a fair chance to get promoted, then they will be motivated to work more effectively.

  • Motivate staff to learn 

Working with QVALON means deep knowledge of corporate quality standards. Only by understanding how to do their job, employees will be able to answer checklists' questions correctly. Consequently, staff will be motivated to keep their knowledge up to date. This applies to all the people involved in the audit process:

  1. The auditee will learn updated company information, and

  2. Auditors will learn not to be in a situation where they know less than the auditee.

  • Use gamification of work processes for motivation 

It is possible to increase staff motivation by introducing a gaming methodology into the work. The main concern in organizing such contests is the objectivity of evaluation. You can provide that with QVALON. 

gamification staff motivation

For example, the company holds a new marketing campaign. You create a separate checklist that comprehensively assesses its performance and regularly evaluates the point of sale throughout the campaign. The staff members can see intermediate results in real-time (QVALON has that feature). This further instills healthy competition and plays a positive role in staff motivation.

Combine employee management with motivation process 

The main thing in this process is to set the right goals and help employees understand why they need control over their work. It will be more difficult to do that without appropriate technological support. QVALON helps businesses educate their staff on updated processes, reward high performers, assist those who need additional support, and maintain a work culture of positive competition and motivation. Connect with us for a personalized, simple, and cost-effective approach towards your business.