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Mobile Workplace for Retailers

Enables efficiency for field teams and operational processes.

Task management, inspections, collaboration, analytics.

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How it works

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Using mobile app
in-store team can:

  • Execute Tasks and track any store Issues.
  • Conduct regular store audits and inspections.
  • Perform e-learning, fill out the store and user assessment forms.
  • Make a report for the managing team with ease.
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Using web access
managing team can:

  • Use Analytics to see the chain’s performance per region and store in realtime.
  • Assign new rules and standards to execute for the entire chain in a few clicks.
  • Easily collaborate with store and region managers.
  • Collect any field data across the entire chain in a seconds.

Thanks to the features

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Checklist based tool for monitoring and evaluating operational processes and staff. Learn more

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Easy to educate your staff for standards and processes. Learn more

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Seamless task management for field teams and headquarter. Now they are on the same page like never before. Learn more

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Get clear answers and insights on company bottlenecks and issues with no delay anymore. Learn more

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Embedded video chat and messenger for seamless communication across departments in one place. Learn more

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Visual merchandising as photo reports. Back-office can easily check locations without even visiting them. Learn more

Retailers Benefits

35%Productivity growthProductivity growth of all participants in the audit process by 35%. 7%Revenue growthRevenue growth at points of sale by 3-7% due to improved service quality.
9%Cost reductionCost reduction: (payroll optimization, budget reduction for consumables, costs reduction for contractors). 15%Loyal audience growthIncrease in the number of loyal customers by 15% (increase in the CSI consumer satisfaction index by 20%, increase in the VoC index by 22%).
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Paul SchladerOwnerBirch Coffee

“This has truly been a lifesaver thing, to say the least. This has been a lifesaver. A lot of times.”

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Paul RichterSales Operations DirHenderson

“It is a very user-friendly, highly customizable platform that can be implemented in a plethora of ways. The support team has an extremely fast response time (often identifying and beginning to address issues before you have a chance to reach out to them about it).”

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Irina KogutShop Design and Merchandising SupervisorAmway

“We have been working with QVALON since 2019 and are fully satisfied with the service provided. We hope for further development of the system.”

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Jan LyubimovNational Project ManagerBurger King

“We are pleased with the result, as we were able to identify opportunities to improve the process of interaction with cleaning companies and train personnel who are involved in the daily maintenance of complex technological equipment.”

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Olga KonovaQuality DirectorWorld Class

“The QVALON simplifies processes related to analytics, operational data collection and evaluation of audit results, control over the implementation of set tasks.”

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Dmitry SviridovStore Operations Support ManagerMODIS

“QVALON is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and can be used to do 'work on mistakes' on previous ones.”

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