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Retailers Benefits

35%Productivity GrowthQVALON users report improved and more efficient auditing processes. 7%Revenue GrowthQVALON users see an increase in profits due to enhanced service quality.
9%Reduction in CostsQVALON users enjoy savings through payroll optimization, budget reductions for consumables, and cost reductions for contractors. 15%Loyal Audience GrowthQVALON users experience a positive trend in the Consumer Satisfaction Index (20%) and their Voice of the Customer programs (22%).
What Our Customers Say About Us
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Paul Schlader Owner, Birch Coffee

“QVALON is truly a lifesaver, to say the least. It has saved me many times.”

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Paul Richter Director of Sales Operations, HENDERSON

“QVALON is a very user-friendly, highly customizable platform that can be implemented in a plethora of ways. The support team has an extremely fast response time (often identifying and beginning to address issues before you have a chance to reach out to them about it).”

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Irina Kogut Shop Design and Merchandising Supervisor, Amway

“We have been working with QVALON since 2019, and we are fully satisfied with the service provided. We hope for further development of the system.”

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Ian Lyubimov National Project Manager, Burger King

“We are pleased with the results. We are able to identify opportunities to improve the process of interaction with cleaning companies and train personnel who are involved in daily maintenance.”

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Olga Konova Quality Director, World Class

“QVALON simplifies processes related to analytics, operational data collection and evaluation of audit results, as well as control over task implementation.”

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Dmitry Sviridov Store Operations Support Manager, MODIS

“QVALON is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and can be used to ‘work on mistakes’ made with previous tasks.”

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Morozov Andrey Deputy Head of the IT Department, BILLA

“QVALON helps us maintain internal quality standards at the level we strive for.”

Exclusive guide to improve your operations

How QVALON works

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Store teams can use the mobile app to:

  • Execute tasks and track any store issues.
  • Conduct regular store audits and inspections.
  • Benefit from e-learning and complete performance assessment forms.
  • Report to the management team with ease.
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Management teams have web access to:

  • Use analytics to see a chain’s performance in real time — per store and per region.
  • Introduce new rules and standards to the retail chain.
  • Easily collaborate with store and regional managers.
  • Collect data across the entire chain in seconds.

Features that make it possible

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Audits let you take action before issues become a problem. Streamline your business by evaluating the quality and standardization of your processes. Learn more

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Transparency reduces the risk of human error and makes your team more efficient. Educate your staff about company standards and processes that relate to the duties of their job. Learn more

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Cut out overlapping or inefficient tasks to increase productivity. Keep the field team and headquarters on the same page with our task-management feature. Learn more

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Scale your retail business and make better decisions. Find out about bottlenecks and problems within your company with no delay. Learn more

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Inspire your employees to be innovative and communicate openly. Enjoy embedded video chat and messenger in one place for seamless communication across departments. Learn more

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Enjoy quick results without having to visit retail outlets. Monitor compliance with photos and provide quick feedback on corrective actions. Learn more

Download the app:

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What QVALON Brings to Businesses

  • Consistency

    Ensure consistency while executing operational standards across your entire retail network.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Achieve higher customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing an exceptional brand experience.

  • Business Efficiency

    Maximize business efficiency, resource utilization, and compliance requirements to increase profitability.

  • Analytics

    Provide leadership with analytics-based intelligence and workforce development tools that drive results.

  • Cost-Effective Approach

    Our team delivers a personalized, simple, and cost-effective approach to growing your business.

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