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Checklists A convenient and effective tool for monitoring and evaluating the quality of business processes/standards Digital checklists designer
Your tasks

Do you use paper checklists to control your company's facilities, but it takes a long time to collect and process information?

Employees understand the meaning of questions differently, which makes it difficult to analyze?

Checklist options
Checklist constructor

Design new checklists, import the ones you are already working with, or use standard checklists


Create any number of quality control checklists and questions in them

Working with templates

Set individual parameters for each checklist template and each question

Rating Calculation Mode

Choose a convenient mode for calculating the assessment based on the check results

Auditor’s geo-position control

Deny or allow inspection if the auditor's geo-position is not the same as the specified one

Have you already worked with the checklists, but did not get the desired result?

The checklists may have been incorrectly compiled. With QVALON's proven checklist methodology, this risk is minimized.

You will get:

Detailed consultation and training on the methodology for creating and working with checklists

Personalized checklists tailored to your company specifics

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