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+43% increase in staff operating efficiency

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“The QVALON simplifies processes related to analytics, operational data collection and evaluation of audit results, control over the implementation of set tasks.”

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Olga KonovaQuality DirectorWorld Class



Improve the operational efficiency of staff.
Optimize the process of training new employees to corporate quality standards.


Checklists have been developed, with quality criteria outlined for business processes and standards that are relevant to the inspection.
The optimal schedule of inspections with an even load on the auditors and managers of fitness clubs is planned.
Checklists for self-inspection of fitness club managers with regularly updated quality standards have been developed.
Work with checklists of self-inspections is executed on a daily basis, which helps to work out the requirements of the quality standards reflected in the checklists to automatism.



Operational efficiency has improved by 43%.
Due to the optimization of the training process, the overall level of personnel knowledge has increased.