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“QVALON simplifies processes related to analytics, operational data collection and evaluation of audit results, and control over the implementation of tasks.”

client avatar Olga Konova Quality Director World Class

QVALON helped World Class to make their processes efficient

  • to 46%

    increase in staff operational efficiency

About World Class

Today, World Class is the largest fitness corporation in Russia, which operates 45 own and 50 franchise clubs in 34 cities in 6 countries.


Increase staff efficiency.
Improve training process of new employees.


Existing company structure studied, analyzed, and mapped on QVALON.
Checklists developed as per operational activities with scoring patterns based on standards.
Planning was done for optimal inspection schedule for even work distribution on auditors and managers.
Checklists for the manager’s self-inspection were developed, that reflected regularly updated quality standards.
These checklists are executed on a daily basis, which helps work out the requirements to achieve better compliance with quality standards.
Quick training of new employees happened simultaneously when they worked with checklists made upon updated standards.
Operational efficiency was assessed on a monthly basis with QVALON.


Within three months of using QVALON, operational efficiency jumped from 12.99% to 46.61%.
Training while working with updated checklists improved knowledge of operational activities and standards among new employees.