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BILLA Success Story | QVALON

8% Increase in the quality score of store operations

Streamlining of the onboarding process of new employees

Client review

“QVALON helps us maintain internal quality standards at the level we strive for.”

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Morozov Andrey BILLA o.o.o. Deputy Head of IT Department



To get real-time insights digitally in terms of the quality of operational activities at our stores.
To implement a tool for monitoring the adaptation of new employees.


Digitized and finalized checklists for internal evaluation of the quality of store operations, according to established standards.
An optimal schedule for inspections of all stores in the retail chain was planned.
The first results of the electronic checklists were examined using the analytical module of the QVALON system.
Areas with scope for improvement were identified. Training activities were planned and conducted for the staff members of the retail chain.
Questionnaires were made up to monitor the process of new employees' adaptation and to evaluate the quality of mentors' work.



With QVALON, the review process by checklists takes less time. Likewise, efforts in forming analytical reports were reduced.
The quality of stores' operations increased by 8%.
The time for collecting and processing the results of questionnaires to review the onboarding program for new employees was reduced.