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“QVALON helps us maintain internal quality standards at the level we strive for.”

client avatar Morozov Andrey Deputy Head of IT Department BILLA

QVALON helped BILLA to make their processes efficient

  • 8%

    Increase in the quality score of store operations

  • Streamlining of the onboarding process of new employees


The REWE Group (founded in 1927) is the leading group in Germany and Europe in the areas of retail and tourism. In 2018, the company had a gross turnover of about 61 billion euros. The REWE Group operates 15,700 stores in 22 European countries and employs more than 360,000 people.



To get real-time information on the quality of operational activities across the retail network.
To review the onboarding process of new employees.


Current operational activities and process standards were reviewed.
For internal evaluation, checklists were revised as per updated procedures and then created on QVALON.
An optimum audit schedule for the entire retail network was planned.
Insights were drawn from audit results using the analytical module of QVALON.
Areas with scope for improvement were identified and necessary corrective actions were implemented.
Checklists were made to review the onboarding process of new employees and to evaluate the quality of the trainer’s work.


The quality of stores' operations increased by 8%.
Reduced time for collecting and processing the review results of the onboarding program.