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MODIS Success Story | QVALON

5% reduction of losses in network stores

7.5% reduction of security costs

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“QVALON is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and can be used to do 'work on mistakes' on previous ones.”

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Dmitry SviridovStore Operations Support ManagerMODIS



Find channels for losses in the network's stores.
Develop algorithms and mechanisms of interaction with PSCs to reduce losses.
Improve the quality of contractors' performance of their contractual obligations.
Optimize expenses for security services.


Based on the existing regulations on the preservation of inventory, checklists were developed to control store employees.
Checklists of self-testing for store directors on the safety of inventory have been developed.
Jointly with the contractors providing security services, a check-list was developed for the quality of performance of the PSC employees' job duties.
Contractors are connected to the QVALON system.
The contracts include a clause on recalculation of the cost of services in favor of the customer in case of revealed discrepancies between the actual quality of services and the declared one.
Regular QVALON inspections of the quality of security companies' work are organized.



Thanks to new checklists for controlling the safety of inventory items, regular inspection cycles, analysis of the results obtained and timely measures taken to eliminate detected violations, we managed to reduce losses by 2.5% during the inter-inspection period.
In 6 months the security costs were reduced by 7.5%. It became possible due to identification of inefficient contractors providing low-quality security services, implementation of contracts with new contractors with more favorable conditions for MODIS, indication in the contracts of a clause on recalculation of the cost of services in favor of the customer in case of identified non-compliance with contractual obligations.