“QVALON is a very flexible platform that can be quickly adjusted to new tasks and can be used to ‘work on mistakes’ made with previous tasks.”

client avatar Michael Sviri Store Operations Support Manager, MODIS

QVALON helped MODIS to make their processes more efficient

  • 5%

    reduction in store losses

  • 7.5%

    savings in security costs


MODIS is a federal chain of affordable fashion clothing stores for the whole family. It has 143 stores across Russia and serves more than 63 million customers a year.



Find and reduce reasons for losses in retail network.
Improve contractor performance quality per agreements.
Optimize expenses on security services.


Create checklists based on existing regulations on inventory management to monitor store teams.
Develop self-test checklists on inventory safety for store managers.
Collaborate with security service contractors to create a checklist for reviewing performance quality.
Give contractors access to QVALON to maintain compliance with security standards.
Insights from checklist reports provided a basis for rewriting contracts to include a clause recalculating the cost of service in the event of poor performance.
Organizing regular performance reviews of security companies made easier by the convenience of online audits through QVALON.


Revised checklists for controlling inventory safety, regular auditing, analysis of audit reports, and timely actions to eliminate detected violations, which helped reduce losses by 2.5%.
Security costs were reduced by 7.5% within six months because of regular QVALON-based audits and revised agreements with security contractors.