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“QVALON is a very user-friendly, highly-customizable platform that can be implemented in a plethora of ways. The support team has an extremely fast response time (often identifying and beginning to address issues before you have a chance to reach out to them about it).”

client avatar Paul Richter Sales Operations Dir HENDERSON

QVALON helped HENDERSON to make their processes efficient

  • 85%

    improvement in operational process quality, as per real-time audit results


For more than 25 years HENDERSON has been offering men elegant and stylish clothes for work and rest. Today HENDERSON is present in 160 biggest shopping centers in more than 60 cities of Russia.



Conduct an assessment of all business processes across the network, identify and improve slow processes.
Make quicker collection and analysis of inspection data.


The entire company structure and its retail operational activities were analyzed.
Retail processes mapped into checklist questionnaires with special care on the used language and terminologies.
Scores for each question were decided as per standards.
Poor average scores for specific checklists reflected concerns with certain retail processes.
Accordingly, needful corrective actions were taken to optimize highlighted processes. Retail staff was trained and educated about the updated processes for clear understanding.


The quality of standards' execution improved by 15% (from 70% to 85%).
Audit schedule and process planned for even work distribution on auditors and managers.
Growth opportunities are highlighted through quick data analysis and sharing.