“QVALON is truly a lifesaver, to say the least. It has saved me many times.”

client avatar Paul Schlader Owner, Birch Coffee

QVALON helped Birch Coffee to make their processes more efficient

  • Reduced the time it takes to perform audits
  • Optimized the volume of work for the auditors

About Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee is a popular network of coffee shops in the United States.

Food & Beverage


Improve the entire auditing process.
Save expenses on consumables.


Analyze the existing operational processes and company structure.
Departments, procedures, and personnel to undergo audits that are shortlisted and mapped on QVALON.
Company standards translated into questionnaires to provide a foundation for audits.
Quick feedback and analysis provided to concerned employees for due action(s).


Eliminated outdated processes for auditing, data collection, consolidation, and analysis.
Completely digitized the revised auditing process so that information sharing becomes instantaneous, greatly saving the auditors time.
Online auditing drastically reduces expenses spent on stationery, fuel, snacks, and other consumables.