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Amway Success Story | QVALON

1 day to collect statistical data from the entire retail network

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“We have been working with QVALON since 2019 and are fully satisfied with the service provided. We hope for further development of the system.”

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Irina KogutShop Design and Merchandising SupervisorAmway



Optimize the process of collecting up-to-date information on the quality of product presentation.
Get a more informative analytics system.
Implement a more user-friendly system for operational audits in showrooms.


Control of compliance with presentation standards is carried out with the help of the photo-report module.
Auditors conduct daily inspections of the showrooms on the quality of service standards using the QVALON mobile app.
Showroom directors collect statistical data using the "Surveys" module.
All checklists, photo-reports and surveys are analyzed in analytical reports tailored to the company's needs.



It takes 1-2 days to collect statistical data on the entire store network.
Informative analytical reports allow customer to quickly make the right managerial decisions.