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Burger King Success Story | QVALON

9% reduction in cleaning costs

Client review

“We are pleased with the result, as we were able to identify opportunities to improve the process of interaction with cleaning companies and train personnel who are involved in the daily maintenance of complex technological equipment.”

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Jan LyubimovNational Project ManagerBurger King



Organize regular monitoring of the quality of cleaning services provided.
Improve the quality of cleaning services provided by the contractor.
Organize transparent communication between the customer and the provider of cleaning services.


Checklists reflecting the quality criteria for providing cleaning services have been developed.
Contractors are connected to the QVALON system.
New contracts include a clause allowing for recalculation of the cost of services in favor of the customer in the case of inconsistencies in the quality of services.
Organized regular quality checks of cleaning companies with QVALON.



Inefficient contractors providing low-quality services were identified. Contracts with new contractors were signed on more favorable terms for Burger King.
Cleaning costs were reduced by 9%.