QVALON Webinar

Oct 15, 2020
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11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
4:00 PM (UK)
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The digital experience has changed customer expectations. It's no surprise that shoppers are now expecting more from their in-store shopping experience. In-person shoppers have been shown to spend more than online shoppers and after the restrictions of COVID-19 lift, retailers should be ready to welcome consumers back into their stores with the personalized experiences they desire.

But when most stores will be open for business again, how do you make people really want to shop in them? To start, every retailer needs a clear and comprehensive plan for addressing concerns about safety and hygiene, which aren’t going away anytime soon. This means enabling safe physical distancing, sanitizing surfaces and products, and communicating proactively, clearly, and empathetically. Retailers will need to strike a delicate balance between enabling the social interactions that shoppers find valuable and being responsive to heightened concerns about personal health.

All these questions are related to an operational business process and they bring a lot of new challenges to operational management.

Qvalon helps businesses improve their operational processes with a system that measures efficiency and execution, and offers real-time visibility across business units. Qvalon is now used to conduct millions of safety and quality control inspections globally every month. It's used by the biggest retail companies with more than 10,000 stores, by banks for risk management, and by restaurants for their quality control.

Starting from checklist automation on mobile devices, we move to operational business processes in the areas of HR, task management, and inventory.

Things you’ll learn man with phone
Retail in the Covid-19 world, Challenges
  • Making customers feel safe, when they do enter the store
  • Making the in-store experience "sanitary"
  • Making the in-store experience convenient and quick
Collection of data on the current state of affairs in stores
  • Check lists
  • Process analytics
Top employee trends and concerns
  • Provide personnel with knowledge of new requirements and procedures
  • Employee health and safety
  • Employee mentality, and providing 1st class customer service (during a pandemic)
  • Staying organized with additional sanitary, and organizational tasks in the Covid-19 World
What do the above points mean for retailers? What challenges do they present? What are the solutions to the challenges?
  • How does Qvalon + other tech present solutions
Featured speakers
Tim Ceci Retail Consultant, USA
Evan Madden-Peister Qvalon Business Development, USA
Webinar video
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