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QVALON: Revolutionizing Quality Control in Modular Construction

May 23, 2023 5 min read

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Discover the game-changing impact of QVALON, the ultimate solution transforming quality control practices in the modular construction industry. With a keen focus on excellence, DUBLDOM, a leading manufacturer of modular low-rise residential buildings, has embraced QVALON to ensure uncompromising quality throughout their product line. The remarkable results achieved have surpassed all expectations.

Why is QVALON essential for modular construction manufacturers? 

In the realm of modular construction, the process unfolds in two pivotal stages: 1) the off-site production of standardized building components, and 2) their subsequent on-site assembly. This unique approach necessitates a seamless and unified control system that spans across both stages.

Until recently, DUBLDOM grappled with limited resources to address this challenge. As their production volume surged, traditional quality control methods proved inadequate, resulting in excessive time spent on control and result systematization. To streamline operations, automate quality control processes, and eliminate human errors, DUBLDOM sought a cutting-edge solution that would revolutionize their approach. The answer came in the form of QVALON—a specialized IT system designed to optimize quality control practices in the modular construction industry.

QVALON has already established itself as a powerful tool in retail outlets, revolutionizing retail audits and personnel management. However, its immense potential for modular construction manufacturers in the US is now being recognized.



Production and assembling of the DUBLDOM house unit

Streamlining the Modular Construction Process with QVALON

The implementation of QVALON has paved the way for a range of significant advancements within DUBLDOM's operations:

  • Digitization of quality control checklists for manufactured products, seamlessly integrated into the QVALON system.
  • Creation of an organized company structure within the system, complete with user profiles tailored to specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Development of a streamlined algorithm for comprehensive quality control checks during production and installation processes.

The user-friendly nature of QVALON, compatible with everyday smartphones, empowers quality controllers to conduct inspections effortlessly. Whether it's overseeing module production or conducting on-site checks during house installation, the process is streamlined and efficient. Key checkpoints are meticulously recorded in checklists, with accompanying photographs automatically uploaded to secure cloud storage. This invaluable data is then linked to the building passport of each house, enabling swift resolution of complaints, precise identification of causes and responsible parties, and the creation of compelling presentation materials for clients.

QVALON mobile application interface
QVALON mobile application interface

QVALON mobile application interface

The Audit Algorithm Unveiled

QVALON's audit algorithm revolutionizes the way quality control is conducted in modular construction. Here's how it works:

  1. Upon designing the production of a modular unit, the QVALON system generates an order specific to the model being produced.
  2. Each element of the modular component undergoes meticulous scrutiny against predefined parameters. Key elements, hidden works, and system test results are documented through mandatory photographs.
  3. A final acceptance checklist is completed at the conclusion of the production process.
  4. Upon shipping the modular unit, an on-site controller carries out commissioning using a separate checklist, meticulously recording essential parameters.

Raising the Bar of Quality in Modular Construction

QVALON ensures that all modular units undergo comprehensive inspections, adhering to strict quality standards. Any deviations are promptly addressed and corrected. The results of these inspections are seamlessly presented in QVALON Analytics, enabling manufacturers to compare the quality of work across different production units, identify bottlenecks, and exercise remote quality control from their headquarters.

QVALON analytics module interface

Unlock the Potential of QVALON

Thanks to the implementation of QVALON, DUBLDOM has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Creation of a comprehensive list of quality criteria for modular unit production and assembly, meticulously systematized for optimal performance.
  • Development of a unified knowledge base encompassing key parameters and visual assets crucial to the construction process.
  • Streamlined and optimized workflows for controllers, ensuring adherence to new guidelines and fostering operational efficiency.
  • Implementation of end-to-end control encompassing the two critical stages of modular unit production and assembly.

QVALON: Your Path to Elevated Quality Standards

Modular construction manufacturers in the US seeking unparalleled quality control capabilities need look no further than QVALON. Designed to cater to the unique requirements of the industry, QVALON is continually evolving to meet the needs of modular construction pioneers. Start your journey toward exceptional quality control today by requesting a complimentary evaluation of the QVALON system in test mode. Discover our website to experience the future of modular construction quality control firsthand.