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LOCAL Retail Chain Triples Store Inspections Volume with QVALON!

Jul 19, 2023 7 min read

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Meet LOCAL, the dynamic Moldovan retail chain that's setting new standards for operational excellence in the grocery retail industry. Since 2021, LOCAL has been on an impressive growth trajectory, with stores now dotting major cities like Chisinau, Balti, Comrat, Cahul, and more.

Despite its rapid expansion, LOCAL stands out for its attentive approach to operations. Rather than focusing solely on opening new stores, the LOCAL team has prioritized building a robust system for assessing operational quality from the get-go.

Local Store

Fig. Local Store

At LOCAL, every store undergoes regular inspections led by store directors and regional managers. The goal is to evaluate and elevate the quality of operational activity in each store. Initially, these inspections were conducted manually, with paper checklists, but as the company scaled, the process became increasingly resource-intensive and time-consuming. Infrequent checks resulted in a lack of critical insights into company performance. Moreover, analyzing the results was challenging, as it only provided basic information without comprehensive data for sound management decisions.

With QVALON cutting-edge system, LOCAL digitized and automated their inspection process, unlocking newfound efficiency and resources.

The interior of the LOCAL store

Fig. The interior of the LOCAL store

QVALON developed a special checklist, comprehensively covering all main operational processes within the store. This digitized approach allowed for quick and hassle-free inspections, enabling management to focus on key decision-making. QVALON has revolutionized the way LOCAL monitors and elevates its operations, now with tripled inspection volumes, LOCAL  enjoys a wealth of data-driven insights beyond mere checklist completions. Transparent analytics provide management with comprehensive results, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

How LOCAL Retail Network Nails Inspections with QVALON

At LOCAL, inspections are a well-oiled machine, strictly regulated and streamlined to ensure peak performance. Here's how it all comes together:

  • Two-Pronged Approach: Store directors and regional managers are at the helm of inspections, carrying out thorough evaluations.
  • Daily Inspections: LOCAL leaves no room for compromise when it comes to quality. Every store in the retail chain undergoes a daily inspection, maintaining top-notch standards.
  • Strict Timing: Store directors adhere to a carefully defined schedule for inspections, ensuring consistency and comprehensive oversight.
  • Unified Checklist: Consistency is key! The operations department crafts a standardized checklist, applicable across the entire retail chain.
  • Driving Improvements: Inspection results prompt the establishment of corrective tasks, driving continuous enhancements.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Regular meetings with regional directors foster collaboration, where each reports on their "area," fostering a cohesive approach.

Thanks to QVALON, inspections have never been smoother:

  • Web Convenience: The head of operations schedules checks seamlessly through QVALON's web version.
  • Mobile Efficiency: Store managers easily schedule inspections using the QVALON mobile app.
  • Cloud-Driven Insights: Inspection data is stored in the cloud, empowering the head of operations with real-time analysis.

The QVALON Implementation Journey at LOCAL

The adoption of the QVALON system was a top-down endeavor, starting with the operations department, followed by the regional directors, and finally reaching the store directors. The introduction of QVALON was met with calm acceptance and proved to be remarkably user-friendly.

While the implementation journey was smooth overall, there were minor hiccups during the final stage. Some employees attempted to conduct inspections remotely. However, thanks to QVALON's integrated geo-positioning control, these cases were swiftly identified and addressed, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

The interface of the QVALON analytics module

Fig. The interface of the QVALON analytics module

Within just a few weeks, all employees involved in the inspection process swiftly embraced the system. They experienced firsthand the convenience it brought and, most importantly, recognized how it simplified their work, making their daily tasks more manageable.

Maximizing Operations Excellence: QVALON's Impact at LOCAL Retail Chain

Within less than a year of implementing QVALON at LOCAL, the benefits have been undeniably clear. The number of inspections has tripled compared to using traditional paper checklists, providing management with comprehensive insights into store operations. Moreover, the speed of checks has significantly increased, saving valuable time for all stakeholders.

When it comes to qualitative results, the impact has been transformational:

  1. Enhanced Performance Visibility: QVALON captures vital information on checklist completion, offering an immediate snapshot of store performance. Identifying underperforming stores, this crucial data is seamlessly relayed to the HR Department, enabling personalized interventions such as additional training or rotations to drive improvement.

  2. Actionable Task Insights: Detailed information on task fulfillment empowers management with a comprehensive overview. Instantly track deliveries, monitor openings, and stay on top of task deadlines. QVALON equips decision-makers with the data they need to make informed choices and optimize operational efficiency.

Unleashing LOCAL's Potential: QVALON Empowers Future Growth

Looking ahead to what's next for LOCAL, we're thrilled to share the latest innovations QVALON brings to the table.


Our cutting-edge Workforce Management (WFM) module has already sparked significant positive results, even during its early implementation. Thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities, payroll calculation time has significantly reduced. Here's how it all works:

  • QVALON takes charge of employee shifts, streamlining the scheduling process.

  • With the QVALON mobile app, employees effortlessly clock in and out, while the system accurately logs their hours worked.

  • The HR Department receives "plan/actual" data, a goldmine of insights for precision shift planning. Say goodbye to overwork or staff shortages on critical days of the week.

QVALON takes charge of employee shifts, streamlining the scheduling process. With the QVALON mobile app, employees effortlessly clock in and out, while the system accurately logs their hours worked. The HR Department receives "plan/actual" data, a goldmine of insights for precision shift planning. Say goodbye to overwork or staff shortages on critical days of the week.

Such powerful analytics helps LOCAL HR executives plan shifts more accurately to avoid overwork or staff shortages on busy days of the week.

The interface of the QVALON WFM module

Fig. The interface of the QVALON WFM module

Photo reports

QVALON's innovative photo-reporting module, set to revolutionize LOCAL's merchandising department. This module aims to ensure planogram compliance and accurate outlet design for promotions. Here's how it unfolds:

  • The marketing manager issues tasks, such as verifying proper store decoration for promotions.

  • Store managers capture store layouts directly within the QVALON application.

  • Managers assess accuracy, flagging any necessary revisions for perfection.

  • Store managers swiftly address defects, adding new photos showcased in the "was/is" mode within the system.

Notably, the advanced photo-report module offers comprehensive analytics, including claim types, store ratings, and more, driving enhanced decision-making.

The interface of the QVALON photo reporting module

Fig. The interface of the QVALON photo reporting module

Embarking on an Extraordinary Path: LOCAL's Vision for Retail Excellence

LOCAL primary focus is on steady expansion, allocating most resources to achieve this milestone. But it doesn't end there! LOCAL envisions a phase of optimization and operational efficiency enhancements, and they have a reliable companion - QVALON - to guide them through. This robust tool will be readily available, refined, and tailored to address the unique challenges of the retail landscape.