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How to organize the working day of the store managers ❓

Apr 29, 2021 4 min read

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The store manager is a key employee of the trading company, as the store’s efficiency depends on his work. This employee always works in critical multitasking mode: tasks from the head office, requests from contractors, questions from line personnel, and performing current work.

working day of managers

The store managers regularly hurry and push, and the head of each department demands that his task be solved faster than the others’ tasks. In addition, the sent reports are sometimes lost, which adds complexity to communication with the head office.

Obviously, in this mode, the employee is unlikely to be effective, which means that the work of the entire store will not be effective. How do I fix this? Help the store manager organize his work with the help of an IT system that would unite performers and management in a single information field, store tasks and feedback, suggest the stages of essential business processes, and make it possible to analyze their effectiveness.

It’s time for lightning-fast reactions

Let’s digress a little and look at how modern trading companies work, to better explain why it is crucial to help the store manager. These are distributed networks, with a head office, regional offices, and many stores scattered across different cities.

The introduction of new standards or processes in companies with such a structure turns into a real test, since it requires thousands of hours for on-site training. Assessing the quality of these standards can take months. Today, when the world has accelerated to cosmic speeds, a delay of even one day can cause enormous losses for the business.

Why do any changes in distributed companies take so long? Because the key element of this structure, the intermediary between field employees and the head office — the store manager — does not cope with the amount of work assigned. However, this does not mean that he is a bad employee, just that he needs a little help.

Help the store manager not to spin plates

The main thing is to eliminate the fuss in completing tasks. The fact is that our brain works in single-task mode, and even if we think that we can do two things at the same time, in reality, we just quickly switch from one task to another. This switching is easy if you solve simple tasks that can be performed automatically, but switching from one complex task to another requires both additional time and energy.

To help the store manager be more effective, you need to give him a tool for convenient and orderly working with tasks, where no task will be lost. A tool that will allow the store manager to always have an up-to-date list of tasks in his smartphone, with notification about creating a new task and a notification to the manager as soon as the task is completed.

Such a tool will eliminate confusion and fuss, organize all the tasks and save the history for later analysis. The store manager will be able to concentrate on the performance of the work and will not waste energy on constantly switching between tasks.

Help the store manager not to forget about important things

Every day, the store manager opens and closes his store. He performs the same actions automatically, but even in this case, he can miss or forget something. Use checklists so that the manager does not forget a single detail in these routine, but fundamental processes.

This tool was invented so as not to forget anything in the course of multi-stage work. Use the electronic checklists system to help the store manager not to forget. Create a checklist for each approved process in the company, which reflects each of its stages. With such a “hint”, the store manager will never miss a single detail.

By helping the store manager, you are helping the whole company

By freeing your working time from routine, from the need to constantly switch between the many tasks set in different channels (mail, phone, messengers), the store manager will devote it to a crucial task — improving the customer experience. In return, the company’s top management will receive an effective employee and transparency in working processes, and as a result, an increase in the efficiency of the entire company.

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