The Manager's Restaurant Checklist

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Has the surrounding area been cleared of garbage (and snow in winter)?

Do the garbage container (on the street) stand in place, not on the roadway?

Is the rubber mat at the entrance of the room clean?

Are the jackets/smocks for smoking clean and hanging on the hanger?

Do robes, disposable shoe covers, and hats for being on the production floor exist?

Are the walls, floor, and baseboards clean?

Does all the employees' footwear stand on the shoe rack?

Is the outerwear for employees hanging on hangers and the items stored in lockers?

Is the garbage can clean inside and outside?

Is the coffee machine for employees assembled and ready for battle?

Is the boiler filled with water and turned on?

Is the table clean and free of dirty dishes and food remnants?

Is the breadbox clean and free of moldy bread?

Are the walls, cabinets, floor, and baseboards clean?

Is there a garbage bag present in the trash can? Is the trash can clean both inside and outside?

Has the water in the toilet bowl been changed? And is the bowl and brush clean without any leaks?

Do you have all the necessary supplies in stock?

Is there no footwear on the floor in the changing room? All footwear is either on the shoe rack or in the closets.

Is the mirror clean, without dirt or streaks?

Is there disorder on the hanger?

Are the cabinets clean?

Is the floor of the sink clean and free of visible dirt and debris, with rubber mats in their proper place?

Is the dishwasher assembled, turned on, and ready to work?

Do you have all the necessary household items available?

Is there a garbage bag present in the trash can? Is the trash can clean both inside and outside?

Do you have enough dishwasher detergent and chemicals?

Are all household belongings located in a special box? Is the special box clean both inside and outside?

Are the shelves clean and not cluttered with dishes?

Does the appearance of the dishwasher comply with the standard?

Is the coffee machine turned on and working properly?

Is the coffee bunker full of beans?

Are the banks filled with green and black tea for lunch on weekdays?

Is the boiler turned on and functioning properly?

Can the pitchers, tea banks, sugar bowls with tongs, and inventory be free of dirt?

Is there a supply of disposable tableware and consumables in the station under the coffee machine?

Is the bar fully stocked with straws, neatly arranged napkins, and an organizer filled with decorations?

Are there towels available for wiping, clean?

Is the ice maker free of contaminants inside and out and filled with ice?

Have the Stop and Go sheets been processed and reviewed by the employees?

Is the gas level in the tanks normal on the green mark, far from the red?

Are the balloons included?

Are the paper towel dispensers clean and dust-free?

Are the rubber mats in the bar clean, without any food residue, napkins, or other trash, and lying flat?

Is there a garbage bag present in the trash can? Is the trash can clean both inside and outside?

Are the condiments on the bar clean and filled with napkins, business cards, and toothpicks?

Are the refrigerators filled?

Is there a supply of milk and cream?

Has all the dishes from the sink returned to their rightful place in the bar and freezer?

Doth there exist a great abundance of diverse adornments?

Is there a reserve of alcohol in the sprayer?

Are the black carpets clean, without dirt or debris, and neatly laid out?

Do the haybales come with plastic straws and are there tongs for the straws?

Is there a glass for used straws?

Do you have a supply of teaspoons, all of which are packaged in envelopes for spoons?

Do you have a supply of complex envelopes for tea spoons?

Is the bell clean and in its place?

Is there a stock of trays in two sizes (small and large)? Is the tray holder clean?

Is the terminal clean and turned on without any fingerprints or leaks?

Is the bank terminal charged and does it have a ribbon present?

Is the fiscal printer turned on and the thermal tape loaded?

Do you have forms and stationery in stock?

Has the cash register been balanced at the beginning of the day and is there change available?

Do you have a large supply of receipt paper for the terminal?

Is there a stock of firewood (at least 15 pieces) and are all the firewood clean?

Is the floor clean, without visible dirt, stains, and debris?

Are the lamps in working condition?

Do all the tables and chairs stand firmly and according to the placement scheme?

Is there table setting on all the tables?

Is the surface of the waiter's station free of dust and debris both inside and outside?

Is there a supply of clean rags and pronto in the waiter's station?

Is there a supply of polished glasses present at the waiter's station?

Is the bank terminal charged and do you have spare tape for it and the printer?

Is everything free of crumbs and food stains on the tables, chairs, sofas, and armchairs?

Is there dust on the windowsills and are the windows clean without streaks or dirt inside and outside?

Is there no dust on the battery grille?

Do any of the paintings hang crookedly or have dust on their frames?

Is the distribution surface clean, without streaks, leaks, dirt, and dust?

Has a large supply of dishes been brought to the kitchen for lunch?

Is there a check pricker present, and has it been cleared of checks?

Is the current stop-list available in the distribution area?

Is there a reserve of swords?

Do you have a stock of deliveries, both large and small, all of which are dry?

Is there a supply of take-out bags?

Is there enough containers to remove all types?

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