The Checklist of the Gas Station Attendant's Work

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Is the fuel attendant wearing special clothing?

Is the formal attire clean?

Does the headwear comply with the standards of appearance?

Is the fuel attendant wearing a reflective vest?

Are specialized boots worn on the feet?

Is the badge worn, the information easily readable, and the company logo noticeable?

Does the client not sit on safety islands and not lean on the fuel dispenser with their body when they are absent?

Does the Client wait for arrival at the TRK entrance, approach on their own, and do so promptly without additional invitation?

Do you greet the customer?

Does the client specify the amount and type of fuel?

Does the client offer additional services such as washing headlights, windows, and wiping license plates?

Does he/she perform the refueling carefully, following the procedure and tightly closing the lid at the end of the refueling?

Does the speaker thank for the purchase, say goodbye, and invite to visit the gas station again?

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