The Checklist of Shift Closure for Restaurant Manager

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Does the stand display from the outside?

Is the stand clean and undamaged?

Are restaurant brochures, business cards, menus, etc. available?

Has the stand been carefully dusted?

Has the stand been removed?

Is the room guarded?

I'm sorry, but "Весь внутренний свет" is not a question and cannot be translated into classic English as a question where the answer is yes or no. Can you please provide a different phrase or sentence for me to translate?

Is all of the exterior lighting of the restaurant turned off?

Do employees perform wet cleaning of the premises (wiping floors, surfaces) using disinfectants, and is its status recorded in the cleaning log?

Has the floor been cleaned with a disinfectant solution before opening the premises and its condition recorded in the cleaning log?

Did all surfaces that visitors come into contact with, such as the entrance door handles, furniture, etc., get wiped down with a disinfectant solution before opening the premises, and was their condition recorded in the cleaning log?

Is there a 5-day supply of personal protective equipment and hygiene materials such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, soap, and other consumables for staff in the store?

Does the staff conduct wet cleaning of the premises (floor wiping, surface wiping) using disinfectants according to the established frequency, and is its status recorded in the cleaning log?

Do employees conduct ventilation of the room according to the established frequency and record its status in the ventilation log?

Have all employees undergone training on adhering to sanitary norms, with their status being recorded in the watch logbook with employee signatures?

Has training been conducted for responsible persons on disinfecting premises and observing personal and public hygiene measures, with its status recorded in a registration journal with the signatures of responsible persons?

Is there a process for appointing a person responsible for implementing sanitary and epidemiological measures at the facility?

Do employees know and can they apply protocols in case visitors violate hygiene rules?

Do all surfaces of the logs get wiped and treated with antiseptic?

Does all the barware get thoroughly washed and dried?

Have the pitchers been washed with cleaning solution both on the outside and inside? Has the spout of the pitcher been rinsed?

Do they wipe the pitchers completely dry?

Is the coffee grinder turned off?

Has the coffee grinder been wiped with a clean damp cloth and is the surface under the coffee grinder also clean?

Do the used milk containers get crushed and thrown away?

Did you wipe up the spilled coffee?

Have the walls been completely wiped clean of coffee stains?

Do they wash and hang out the rags to dry?

Do all parts of the holder get washed in a special cleaning solution and then rinsed?

Have the garbage bins been washed?

Is the coffee machine turned off?

Do coffee machines first get cleaned with chemical agents and then with water?

Have the attachments been rinsed and dried?

Has the coffee machine tray been washed and dried?

Has the coffee machine been thoroughly cleaned?

Is the cooler turned off?

Is the ice maker turned off?

Do used working towels get put in the laundry basket and replaced with new ones?

Is the showcase free of goods?

Do you store leftover food in the refrigerator?

Do food products and other waste materials get sorted and disposed of properly?

Has the cash register area been tidied up and all surfaces wiped clean?

Was the revenue in the cash register counted and put in the safe?

Do cash reports get prepared at the end of the shift and is the shift closed?

Does the report on the shift get compiled on the terminal?

Has the doormat been cleaned?

Have the floor and walls in the vestibule been wiped?

Does the "Working Hours" sign contain current information?

Is the bas-relief clean and without chips?

Does the "Operating Mode" sign have any fingerprints, inscriptions, stickers, etc. on it? It has a very clean appearance.

Are the doors, door frames, handles, thresholds, locks, latches, etc. in good working condition?

Are the entrance glass doors clean and free of dust, fingerprints, etc.?

Are the floor and walls in the vestibule clean?

Is all the furniture (if any) at the entrance clean and in good condition (chairs, tables, cabinets, sofa are tidy and pillows are fluffed)?

Is the floor washed?

Are all the mirrors wiped?

Do they rub and water the greens?

Do tables and chairs get carefully wiped from dust and food residue?

Have the spice sets been replenished?

Is the music turned off?

Is the air conditioner turned off?

Is wet cleaning being done on all surfaces (including chair backs)?

Do they check the tablecloths for cleanliness and replace them if necessary?

Is table setting etiquette being observed?

Is the background music turned on?

Does the registration desk get wiped and disinfected?

Was the shift closing report sent to the manager's mailbox?

Have the porch and stairs been cleared of debris?

Have the garbage bins been emptied?

Is the surrounding area within a five-meter radius clean and free of litter, cigarette butts, fallen leaves (in summer), snowdrifts and ice (in winter), and so on?

Are the garbage bins empty or at most half full?

Are the display windows clean?

Does the restaurant sign meet the standard and is it clean?

Are the sunshades clean and serviceable?

Are the toilets, toilet lids, and urinals clean and free of buildup, stains, and other blemishes?

Are the sinks clean, without any buildup, leaks, etc.?

Are the floor and baseboards in the cabins clean?

Are the dispensers clean and in good condition?

Is toilet paper provided to guests? Is the toilet paper holder intact and clean?

Do you have antibacterial soap?

Are paper towels provided to guests?

Do you have brushes in stock?

Is the trash can filled up to no more than a third and without dirt, leaks, etc.?

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