The Checklist of a Waiter's Tasks

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Do the waiter's uniforms meet the standards?

Is the badge available and in satisfactory condition, attached on the right?

Is the footwear with a closed toe and heel?

Does he/she greet warmly and say goodbye warmly?

Does he/she smile?

Does he/she pay attention to things that require attention?

Does he/she respond to any guest question in a friendly manner?

Yea or nay, dost thou know the assortment of dishes and beverages, their composition and description?

Does he/she offer dishes and drinks using colorful descriptions and sales techniques?

Does it talk about new products and promotions?

Does he/she offer additional positions?

Does he/she adhere to the standards of service and presentation of dishes/drinks?

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