The Checklist for the Opening Shift of the Bartender

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Is the bartender present at their workplace and appearing according to standards?

Have all the storage deadlines for semi-finished products been met and have all the semi-finished products been labeled?

Has the product taken from the warehouse been labeled and placed in the designated areas of the bar?

Is the coffee machine clean and decorated according to the standard?

Is the bar counter and countertop clean?

Are the sink and faucet clean, with no rust or buildup?

Are the refrigerators (inside and outside) free of dust, streaks, leaks, and food residue?

Do the shelves have no dust, cobwebs, stains, or streaks?

Are the sockets and switches clean?

Is the refrigerator display free of spots, dust, streaks, and leaks?

Are the nightstands clean and free of trash, dirt, dust, and stains in the container they are placed in?

Are the shelves filled with clean polished glasses?

Do you have enough cleaning supplies and household goods?

Is the bar inventory clean?

Has the blacklist been compiled and provided to the administrator and waiters for review?

Is the coffee grinder clean and filled with beans?

Is the check printer working properly, clean, and with a spare thermal ribbon for replacement?

Are the boards clean and marked?

Is the equipment in good working order, clean, and ready for use?

Is the beer system clean?

Do the beer kegs have labeling and meet the expiration date?

Are the bottles on the shelves wiped clean of dust and smudges?

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