The Checklist for the Inspection of the Gas Station Area

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Do the electronic price tags appear on the price display?

Do all segments of the digits work?

Do the numbers and decimal point illuminate evenly?

Is the installation site of the column well-maintained and the base hidden by a plinth/ground (cables and fastenings are not visible)?

Do the fuel type markers appear on the fuel dispensers?

Does the TRK correspond to the size, font, color, placement order, and types of fuel?

Is there any dent or damage on the facade of the building?

Is there any dirt or traces of installation work on the facade of the building?

Is the entrance clean?

Is the departure clean?

Is the refueling area clean?

Are the fuel dispensers (TRK) clean?

Has road markings been applied on the gas station premises?

Is the trash bin located in its designated spot and not overflowing?

Is there no garbage on the surrounding area, parking lot, lawn (paper, bottles, cups, etc.)?

Is there an absence of foreign objects, structures, work equipment, buckets, etc. on the territory of the gas station?

Does the traffic move in one direction with separate entrances and exits?

Is the road marking applied and its boundaries clearly visible?

Are buckets of water and glass cleaners placed on all the islands of the TRK?

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