The checklist for the inspection of one's own kitchen Burger for the fast food delivery service

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Are the brake sheets filled and do the PFs meet the quality standards?

Does the inventory (such as spoons in sauces, etc.) not exist in the containers with raw materials and PF during storage?

Is the grill clean, without any old grease deposits?

Does the standard for taking a control sample comply?

Is the caramelizer clean?

Does the department have expiration dates on products and materials, and do they adhere to them?

Does the processing of salads and greens occur according to the regulations?

Is there any expired or spoiled product?

Is the heating surface turned on and working?

Does the product marked with "Write-off" (Stored no more than 12 hours) need to be disposed of?

Do the products get stored in closed containers with labeling on the lids?

Is commercial coexistence being observed?

Has the rotation of products been observed?

Are the expiration dates and storage conditions of the products in this refrigerator not applicable to the entire department?

Do all products meet storage requirements (in the refrigerator, freezer, or cold storage)?

Does the refrigeration equipment use addressable storage where the shelves are labeled and products are stored according to the labeling?

Does Ticket Time compliance monitoring take place?

Does the presence of current STK correspond to TTK?

Do you have packets of noodle and meat preparations in plastic packaging?

Is the packaging for the sauce, production containers, and bulk materials labeled and in good condition, and are they clean?

Is the checklist for opening/closing shifts filled out?

Does the staff include unaccredited individuals? Are they not considered interns?

Do they possess information from the latest meeting?

Are all employees in uniform, according to the standard (Hair tucked under cap (no loose hair), working in gloves)?

Do all employees know the results of the last branch evaluation form (remarks on the workshop)?

Do the schedules of the mentor and the intern coincide?

Doth thou knoweth the composition of the dishes? (selectively 2 positions)

Do mentors and interns use necessary materials during the training of a novice (training plan, standard book, intermediate assessment sheet, work notebook for the novice and mentor)?

Is the mood in the team positive and productive?

Do the employees know the rules of personal hygiene and confidently answer questions?

Do employees know the conditions and storage periods for raw materials and PF (selectively 2 positions)?

Do employees use scales when cooking?

Do employees use chemical agents as prescribed?

Does SHP have a training plan for employees that is being implemented?

Do you have hand soap and disinfectants available?

Are there any fatty contaminants in the seams?

Are the scales clean and in working condition?

Is all the equipment clean and in working condition?

Are the exhaust hoods clean?

Are duplicate thermometers present in XO?

Are the containers for storing products clean and washed after each emptying? Are only special containers (not secondary packaging) used for products?

Do the containers have no chips or cracks?

Are the temperature logs of the refrigeration equipment filled out?

Are personal belongings (such as phones and the like) located in the drawers of personal belongings cabinets?

Are the garbage bins less than 2/3 full, clean, and undamaged?

Does the unit lack glass/porcelain/ceramic dishes?

Do instructions for cleaning and disinfecting agents exist in the washing area?

Are the knives clean and undamaged, and are they stored in a magnetic holder?

Do they use disposable and secondary packaging for storing raw materials and semi-finished products?

Are the shelves, tables, and racks clean?

Are the floors clean?

Has the dishes been well washed, without any traces of grease, soot, or markings?

Do you store dishes upside down?

Are the ceilings and walls clean?

Do food products, inventory, and packaging get stored on shelves and under-shelf storage containers located 14 cm from the floor in a closed container? Nothing is stored on the floor.

Are the products/sauces in glass jars wrapped in food film?

Is the product labeled in accordance with the labeling standard?

Is the work inventory kept clean and marked with labels?

Do the cutting boards remain clean and odorless while being stored in the divider?

Is the sink and the area under the sink clean?

Are the walls clean and without damage?

Is there no transport packaging in the kitchen area?

Is the refrigeration and freezing equipment clean, without frost, with intact sealing rubber, and defrosting and cleaning done according to schedule?

Is the wiring all tucked away (secured in cable channels), are there no exposed wires, and is the electrical equipment not a threat to the safety and health of employees?

Is the ventilation and air intake working properly?

Are there no damages on the floors, walls, or ceiling and no chipping on the tiles?

Are the lamps covered by a protective screen and undamaged?

Is the technological equipment functioning properly without any signs of damage?

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