The Checklist for Commencement of Shift for the Restaurant Manager

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Are the coffee machines turned on and clean?

Are the coffee grinders turned on and clean?

Is the cooler turned on?

Is the ice maker turned on?

Are the sinks in the bar clean?

Are the pitchers clean?

Are the restraining devices clean?

Is the dishware in the bar clean?

Do you have cleaning rags for work available?

Was the alarm in the room turned off?

Are the hands clean and the nails trimmed short? Does the woman have a manicure without bright nail polish, rhinestones, glitter, etc.?

Are the hair clean and combed back? Are the man's hair neatly trimmed and his face smoothly shaved (if there is a beard, is it neatly trimmed)?

Is the footwear closed, in accordance with commonly accepted standards, clean, and not worn out?

Is the emblem of the established pattern worn on the left side (each person has their own emblem)?

Does the clothing style meet the standards (clean and ironed) or is it a uniform in accordance with the standards?

Is the footwear closed, clean, well-polished, and not worn out?

Is the emblem of the established pattern worn on the left side?

Are the hair clean and neatly styled? Are the long hair gathered in a braid or bun?

Do the hands have clean and well-groomed female nails that are not longer than half a centimeter?

Is all interior lighting in the restaurant's premises in working condition and turned on during the night?

Have the floor and walls in the vestibule been wiped?

Has the doormat been cleaned?

Are the toilets, toilet lids, and urinals clean and free of buildup, stains, and other blemishes?

Are the sinks clean, without any buildup, leaks, etc.?

Are the floor and baseboards in the cabins clean?

Are the dispensers clean and in good condition?

Is toilet paper provided to guests? Is the toilet paper holder intact and clean?

Do you have antibacterial soap?

Are paper towels provided to guests?

Do you have brushes in stock?

Is the trash can filled up to no more than a third and without dirt, leaks, etc.?

Is the floor washed?

Is wet cleaning being done on all surfaces (including chair backs)?

Do they rub and water the greens?

Is table setting etiquette being observed?

Is the background music turned on?

Are the curtains tidy?

Do they check the tablecloths for cleanliness and replace them if necessary?

Do napkin holders, napkins, spices, toothpicks, etc. exist on every table?

Is the cash register area tidy, clean, and free of any personal belongings of employees?

Are the cash register shifts open?

Do the names of employees working in the shift get entered into the system?

Does the morning recording take place at the cash desk for exchange?

Is the terminal turned on?

Is all exterior lighting in working condition and turned on at night?

Was the report on the shift opening sent to the manager's mailbox?

Have the porch and stairs been cleared of debris?

Have the garbage bins been emptied?

Do you have the materials (cups, spices, coasters, disposable tableware (if necessary), napkin holders, napkin dispensers, etc.) available?

Do you have products available such as condensed milk, milk, honey, cinnamon, ginger, etc.?

Does the stand display from the outside?

Is the stand clean and undamaged?

Are restaurant brochures, business cards, menus, etc. available?

Is there availability of consumables (milk, cream, cookies, alternative milk, tea, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, honey, condensed milk) in stock?

Does the registration desk get wiped and disinfected?

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