The Audit Checklist for Visual Merchandising

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Is the shop window illuminated and clean?

Is there a seasonal display in the store window?

Is the exposition neatly arranged with price tags and everything of the same kind?

Is there no overcrowded, empty commercial equipment present?

Is access to the goods free and are the passages between the trading equipment uncluttered?

Are the capacity norms being followed in the stacks?

Are the rules of filling stacks according to product markers being followed?

Is the arrangement of marker products on tables/shelves according to their sizes being followed?

Is there a price tag of A4 or A2 size placed on the equipment with goods-markers?

Is order maintained on the equipment in the denim zone?

Is each shelf on the wall in the denim area marked with a shelf talker displaying the current price and fit for the model, with the price corresponding to the item located beneath the shelf?

Do the presentations on the mannequin displays look neat and match the current season?

Is the merchandise displayed on mannequin exhibits easily accessible?

Is the pre-checkout area tidy, with baskets and accessory stands filled and products neatly arranged?

Is the merchandise in the pre-checkout area labeled with prices?

Are the cash desks equipped with Promo information that is current, readable, and understandable?

Are there impulse items boxes present at the cash registers, filled with neatly arranged goods and labeled with prices?

Are the rules of presentation and prioritization of product groups on IBM panels being followed?

Are the rules of presentation and prioritization of product groups on IBM tables being followed?

Are the rules for presenting price tags in the IBM zone being followed?

Does the seller know how to decipher the article number?

Do the price tags have a name, quality, and clear print?

Do the prices on the A4, A5, and A7 labels match the prices on the tags during a random check of 5 articles?

Do the prices on the cash register and the product label match during a random check of 5 items?

Does the product presentation in the store look neat and tidy without any scattered items?

Was the equipment presented in the salesroom in proper condition (acrylic displays, mannequins and torsos, commercial equipment)?

Has the product presented in the store undergone pre-sale preparation?

Are the standards for presenting goods on hangers being followed?

Are the rules of steaming being followed?

Is order regularly maintained in the hall (according to the schedule)?

Are the fitting rooms free of merchandise and equipment and being used for their intended purpose?

Is the store (sales floor, cash register, fitting rooms) clean, with clean floors, mirrors, curtains, and walls, and no trash or packaging?

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