Rhode Island - Retail Reopening Checklist

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Clean with soap and water or another cleaning product

Wait until the surface is completely dry before using disinfectant

Apply disinfectant for at least one minute, following instructions on label, with proper ventilation.

Put Disposable cleaning materials in a sealed plastic bag with regular trash

Wear disposable or reusable rubber gloves for cleaning and handing trash

Wash hands after cleaning handling materials or removing gloves.

Provide ready access to soap and water and/or hand sanitizer with >60% alcohol at all times

Place posters with guidance in common area and at entrances.

Provide ready access to cleaning materials for employees.

Ensure employees know their roles in relevant procedures and protocols.

Keep 6 feet distand from others at all times

Stay behind any shield that is meant to be between you and customers

Keep in-person interactions to small groups

Avoid communal areas.

Clean and disinfect shared surfaces before use them.

Wash your hand frequently with soap and water. If unvailable use sanitizer with >60% alcohol.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or with a tissue you throw away.

Customers standing in line, even if outside, must stay 6 feet apart

Clearly mark 6-foot increments along a pathway from entry

Touchless payment encouraged

Removed product testers and samples that require customer contact

Maintain spacing in lines

Pre-ordering is encouraged

If possible, require touchless payment

Use walk-up service for puck up of meals

Indorr seating nor permitted

Provide hand sanitizer with >60% alcohool

Do not offer shared condiments

Space tables in accordance with applicable guidelines

Post a sign: Seating by reservation only

Guest should wear masks when not eating

Clean/disinfect tables and chairs between guests

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