Retail Mystery Shopper Checklist

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Was the parking lot clean and free of trash and debris?

Was the store entrance clean and well maintained?

Did any signage throughout the store appear to be worn or damaged?

Was the store clean, neat, and well maintained (no dirty <oors, unattended spills, etc.)?

Was the restroom clean, well-stocked, and maintained (toilet tissue/paper towels available, toilets/faucets operational, etc.)?

Were aisles free of clutter and obstructions?

Were you acknowledged by an associate within 30 seconds of entering the store?

Did the associate/team member smile?

Did the associate/team member ask what you were shopping for today?

Did the associate/team member offer you help?

Did the associate/team member offer you an additional item?

Did the associate/team member give you his/her undivided attention?

Did all associates you came in contact with have an upbeat and friendly tone?

All associates/team members are courteous?

Did any associates/team members provide above-and-beyond service?

Did all OTHER (not previously evaluated) associates/team members you encountered or passed throughout the store smile and greet you? (During your shopping trip, you may Ond associates throughout the store performing various tasks. Did they smile and greet you?)

Did the associate/team member provide a pleasant closing comment (“Have a good day,” “Thanks for shopping with us,” “Thank you,” etc.)?

Did the cashier greet/acknowledge you the moment you reached the counter?

Did the cashier ask if you found everything?

Did the cashier mention the loyalty/rewards program by name during your transaction?

If you are not a member, did the cashier ask if you would like to join?

Did the cashier mention the invitation for the customer/guest satisfaction survey at the bottom of the receipt?

Did the cashier thank you at the end of your transaction?

Was carry-out service offered if you had more than 2 bags?

Was every item you wanted to purchase available?

Did all perishable merchandise (salads, sandwiches, etc.) appear fresh (not brown/old)?

Were all items that were checked for freshness found to be within code (not expired)?

Was there at least one (1) express lane open?

Were there less than three (3) customers in line?

Did you observe a call for additional help (to manage the line or open another register)?

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