Reopen DC- Retail and Small Business Checklist

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Maximize the use of public spaces for curbside services, outdoor dining, and showcasing of non-food retail

Create a Shopping District Ambassador Program that distributes free health/safety equipment and resources at business points of entry to assist the public in adapting to reopening health/safety compliance

Recruit and train DC residents on COVID-19-related services to offer technical assistance to small businesses

Provide ample compliance training for all stakeholders

Assist businesses in migrating to contactless payment systems

Create a small business and retail agreement form, where the business owner covenants commitment to health/safety protocols and safeguards

Develop clear and thoughtful enforcement procedures

Address the underlying structural disparities that contribute to racial/socioeconomic inequities in DC pre COVID-19, including access to capital and access to markets

Establish key programs that support job creation and business expansion

Provide all businesses equitable access to DC government resources, including procurement opportunities

Make PPE available at free or reduced cost to businesses

Provide training in effective PPE use and other health/safety protocols Increase the availability of testing for business to help identify risks and reduce the spread of COVID19

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