Maryland Reopening Checklist (retail)

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Review high contact surfaces and plan for protocol to eliminate or minimize employee and customer interaction through barriers such as sneeze guards.

Evaluate your customer and staff sales practices to identify possible “high-touch” practices and opportunities to reduce or prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Evaluate Foor plan to mitigate congestion points and to maintain social distancing.Develop a customer Fow plan using Foor markings to indicate direction.

Develop a plan for vendors to bring products safely into the business by arranging for deliveries when there are the fewest customers and employees.

Inspect facilities for any damage or issues caused by vacancy including mechanical, air and water systems.

Train employees on the proper responses to customers who challenge social distancing, facial covering, and other protocols.

Store capacity may be limited based upon executive order or other local government guidance.

Employees should be trained in, and understand, current COVID-19 health and workplace guidelines, such as hand hygiene and cleaning protocol.

Give employees Fexibility regarding returning to the workplace.

Implement a daily screening process for workers which includes CDC or MDH recommended health questions, and consider temperature testing.

Direct sick workers to follow CDC and state guidelines regarding home isolation for suspected or conPrmed COVID infections.

Employees and customers should continue to wear facial coverings where applicable or required.

Establish a 6-foot marking system to visually demonstrate recommended social distancing.

If possible, set aside special hours for vulnerable or at risk customers.

Online ordering and curbside pickup should be continued and encouraged.

Prepare guidance on store capacity, how customers queue in and outside of the store, and curbside pickup. Be mindful of creating situations that might cause lines and crowds.

Post signage advising customers to not enter the store if they are sick or symptomatic. Provide a phone number or website for alternative purchasing methods, such as curbside pickup.

Clean and disinfect the facility in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes,soap and water, or similar disinfectant readily available to employees and customers to use on surfaces that they may touch. Provide upon entry to customers.

Where possible, implement and encourage touchless payment.

Communicate commitment to cleanliness by posting compliance adherence with the CDC’s recommendations.

Show customers care by displaying signage that details social distancing protocol and COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Communicate with employees and guests on the measures taken for their comfort and on the shared responsibility to monitor their health and stay home if not feeling well.

Language Access: Provide training content in Spanish and alternate languages prevalent in your small business community.

Reach out to customers through communication channels that you are open for business.

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