Kitchen closing checklist

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Store ingredients still within holding time

Remove ingredients from rail area of Refrigerated Salad Prep Table

Cover ingredients with food film and placing refrigerator

Discard all ingredients and assembled products with holding times that will pass before next sales period

Ensure proper quantity of cooled cookies for tomorrow morning sales

Turn OFF, unplug and clean equipment

Clean all the buttons of all the henny penny and change filters

Multi-use Holding Cabinet


Clean all walls, counters and work surfaces in prep area

Verify freezer and walk-in/reach-in refrigerators are running, organized, clean and doors are shut

Verify containers/lids are dated and labeled and lids are closed securely

Clean under all refrigerators/equipment in prep area

Clean top of sugar container

Wash dishes

Return air-dried dishes to appropriate storage areas

Wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry cut resistant gloves, chicken slicer and lettuce cutter

Discard sanitizer solution and move bucket(s) to sink

make sure everybody does cleaning job

Empty trash cans and make sure to clean it inside

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