FOH Front Counter Opening Checklist

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Prepare sanitizer bucket with towels

Assemble, prepare and ll front counter beverage equipment

Lemonade dispensers

Prepare Lemonaide

Tea urns

Prepare Teas

Coffee brewer and servers

Prepare coffee before breakfast

Drink towers/ice bins

Stock pre-packaged beverages

Bottled water

Apple juice

Chocolate milk

Orange juice


Verify surfaces and floors are clean

Verify all supplies are stocked

Cups, bowls, lids, straws and drink carriers

Napkins, forks, knives, spoons and coffee stirrers

Bags, Kid's Meal premiums (surprises), trays and tray liners

Condiments for mobile orders

Lemon wedges

Ensure Side Item kanbans are stocked

Fruit cups

Yogurt Parfaits

Side Salads

Chicken Salad

Market and Spicy Salads

Salad Dressings

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