FCDT Transition Checklist

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Verify all beverages and ice bins are stocked/lled

Lemonade and Diet Lemonade

Iced Tea (sweet and unsweetened)


Drink towers/ice bins

Orange juice

Apple juice


Chocolate milk

Bottled Water (check ice level in icer)

Side item kanbans

Cole Slaw

Chicken Salad

Fruit cups

Yogurt Parfait

Salad kanbans

Grilled Market Salad

Side salads

Wrap kanbans

Grilled Chicken Cool Wraps


Verify refrigerator is stocked

Verify desserts and dessert toppings are stocked


Icedream mix

Check level of mix in ice cream machine

Check stock of mix in Front Counter refrigerator

Strawberry topping (for Icedream)

Milkshake base

Whipped cream


Oreo cookie crumbs

Chocolate syrup

Strawberry topping (for Milkshake)

Chocolate chunk cookie pieces

Verify all supplies are stocked

Napkins, forks, knives, spoons and coffee stirrers


Lemon wedges

Replace sanitizer solution in sanitizer buckets (when dirty or oily and at least every 4 hours)

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