Checklist of the store readiness to open (Fashion)

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Store sign is clean

Store sign is on

Showcase lighting is on

Showcases are clean (no traces of tape, handprints, dust)

Showcase catwalks are clean (no dust, foreign objects)

Showcase graphics present, in satisfactory condition

Mannequins are dressed neatly, according to the season

Price tags are displayed even, in satisfactory condition

Security gates are on

Security gates are checked for operability

Shopping baskets are neatly stacked, located to the right of the entrance

Shopping baskets in sufficient quantity

No foreign odors

Air conditioners are on, the temperature is comfortable

Sales area is clean (no garbage, dust under the shelves, on the trading equipment)

Cleaning of the sales area was carried out before the store opened for visitors

Mannequins in the sales area are dressed neatly, according to the season

The display of goods on the shelves, tables is neat, the stacks are even

Layout on wall panels, baskets is neat, according to the sizes

All front models look decent, steamed

Vacant commercial equipment is not available

Commercial equipment stands still

Passageways between commercial equipment are free

There are no boxes with goods, unused trading equipment on the territory of the sales area

Promotional posters, banners, headers are present, in satisfactory condition

Promotional posters, banners, and headers are evenly spaced

Music is turned on, the volume level is comfortable

Demo screens, panels turned on, Promo is broadcasting

Audios are broadcast, audibility on the sales area is good

Loyalty cards, customer profiles are present in sufficient quantity

Cash register is full

Funds for exchange are present

Deposit made

Packages are present in sufficient quantity

Display for buyers is on

Bank terminals are on

Currency detector is on

All cash registers are on

Cash register unit is clean (no dust, foreign objects on the cash desk)

The walls, floor, mirrors in the fitting rooms are clean (no chewing gum, dust, garbage)

There are no foreign objects in the fitting booths (hangers, clothes, anti-theft badges)

Passageways to the fitting rooms are freely accessible (not cluttered with boxes, commercial equipment)

Appearance of the store staff meets the standards (uniform, badge, appearance)

Full-time staff of the store is present in accordance with the work schedule

Appearance of outsourcing employees meets the standards (uniform, badge, appearance)

Outsourcing employees are present in the number according to the contract

Appearance of the PSC employee meets the standards (uniform, badge appearance)

PSC employee is on the workplace

Appearance of the cleaning employee meets the standards (uniform, badge appearance)

Cleaning employee is on the workplace

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Download Checklist