Checklist for the territorial manager of a furniture store

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You need to answer all the questions on the checklist to get a result

Does the appearance of the storefront windows and stained glass facing the street or gallery of the shopping center have any damages?

Is the appearance of the storefront windows and stained glass facing the street or gallery of the shopping center clean?

Is current information about federal actions displayed on the storefronts and stained glass windows?

Are the tiles and railings on the porch in good condition?

Is the entrance properly arranged (working hours, stickers on the glass door, alternative to the yellow circle for people with disabilities, open/closed, stickers about payment methods and accepted payment cards)?

Can you navigate to the studio with clear and quality directions in the shopping center?

Does every sign work properly and remain intact (is the lighting functional, are the signs undamaged and unbroken)?

Is the studio entrance not cluttered with other items?

Is the banner and signage on the shopping center allowed and in good condition?

Is there an information board with the necessary list of documents present in the studio?

Is the visitor counter obstructed by banners, stands, or other items?

Is the condition of the studio walls without damage?

Are the walls in the studio clean?

Is the floor covering free of defects such as chips and cracks?

Are the floors in the studio clean? (Cleaning is done every day)

Do all the ceiling lights and exhibit lighting work?

Are all the exhibition samples clean?

Are all exhibition samples without complaints?

Does the absence of foreign objects on and inside the samples exist?

Are there any unoccupied trading areas?

Is the temperature comfortable in the trading hall?

Is order maintained and are there no foreign objects in the utility rooms?

Is the bathroom clean, functional, and stocked with hygiene supplies?

Is the cooler functional and equipped with all necessary components?

Are the coffee machine and kettle clean and in working condition?

Do you have tea and coffee available for customers?

Are the cables from the office equipment at the designers' workstations bundled together?

Is the workspace of the designers functional, free of foreign objects, with a second monitor that is operational and placed for comfortable client participation in the design process?

Do the designers have personal belongings at their workplace, such as a mobile phone or charger, and are these items stored on a hanger or in a cabinet?

Is the banner stand located in the entrance area of the studio or in well-visible passageways?

Does the banner stand have both a high quality and full display of advertising and catalogs?

Is the exhibition stand in proper condition and filled with samples and catalogs?

Are the samples on the exhibition stand in proper condition with all handles securely fastened (clean, without cracks or chips)?

Does the video panel reside in the central area of the studio or in well-visible passageways?

Is the video panel turned on and broadcasting current advertising promotions?

Doth the studio playeth background music or broadcasteth information about new products and ongoing promotions?

Does a price tag exist on every kitchen set, as well as other furniture and appliances?

Is the current POS material installed on the displayed furniture samples?

Is the payment terminal clean and in working condition?

Do designers appear neat and follow corporate dress code?

Does the staff have current and easily readable badges with their positions?

Is the location of the designers in the sales floor (where the manager must approach and greet the customer within 10 seconds)?

Does the designer meeting the client use a tablet computer, and is the tablet in proper condition (functional and clean)?

Can we check at least two designers for their knowledge and methodology of working with tablet computers (registering clients, processing orders, demonstrating finished solutions)?

Do designers offer clients tea/coffee?

Do the employees work according to a work schedule?

Does the designer know the sales plan of the studio?

Doth the designer knoweth his personal sales plan?

Doth the director of the studio know where the "Internship Diary" is located?

Does the intern know their training plan for the day?

Do the designers undergo training according to the "Development Plan"?

Doth the designer knoweth the current system of motivation?

Does the designer possess the algorithm for working with conversion?

Does the designer know the algorithm for selling goods scripts?

Does the designer know the algorithm for working with the average check?

Does the designer know the algorithm for selling goods on credit and installment?

Does the designer create a design project according to the recommendations for decoration, during the first client visit and subsequent contact (checking at least two recent projects with two designers)?

Does the designer know on which days the morning meetings are held and what topics were discussed at the meeting?

Do designers tell customers about ongoing promotions during communication? (observe if there is a sale happening at the moment) (if there are no customers in the studio, personally interview designers on their knowledge of promotions and scripts for them)

Do the clients who miscalculate after measurement get monitored by the salon director?

Do clients with measurement requests have appointments scheduled after the measurement?

Does the date of the last calculation for all active clients correspond to the current month?

Does the director know the results of the previous checklist and complete the tasks set in the previous audit?

Does the director of the studio have a plan of action for the current month to achieve sales targets and improve service quality?

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