Checklist for a brief inspection of the fitness club

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Condition of premises, furniture, lighting, microclimate

Cleanliness (assessment of cleaning work). Availability of consumables. Including the appearance of the cleaning.

Complete order in the workplace. (In fitness areas, including assessment of equipment placement)

Security of the premises. The working condition of the access control systems to the club, biometrics, video surveillance. Current designation of evacuation exits, availability of schemes.

The appearance fully complies with the accepted standard, the presence of a badge

Compliance with discipline. Charts. Using mobile phones.

Compliance with standards, regulations and instructions. See the hint.

Assessment of knowledge of services, club news, networking events, club rules, contract terms, etc. Ask the club employee a question.

Evaluation of the club's information design and navigation. According to the standard and relevant.

Availability and use of forms and presentation materials.

Documents, logs, certificates for inspections are up-to-date and correctly filled in, up-to-date. Consumer's corner.

Service behavior. Smiles, politeness, benevolence, willingness to help.

Interaction between departments. Understanding who to contact on what issue in different situations. Transfer of information between employees.

Evaluation of the club's display (selling presentation). Specify the full name of the employee who showed the club.

What needs to be improved in the club\Change?

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