CFA at Rangeline Road_boards Closing Checklist

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Have you veried all Buns are sealed?

Discard all cooked products (EXCEPT CHICKEN).

Is all cooked Chicken labeled with a correct date?

Is all cooked Chicken in the refrigerator?

Green Leaf Lettuce and Tomato slices--

Sliced Cheese

Has ALL waste been properly tracked and recorded?

All Open Fryers off with proper oil amount?

All Open Fryers clean?

All Pressure Fryers off with proper oil amount?

All Pressure Fryers clean?

Taylor Grill

CSS Toaster

Bun Contact Toasters

Tiered Warming Station

Dure Holding station

Warming Drawers

Pass-Thru Chute system

Food Warmer

Timer Panel /

Cold Holding Station

Turn OFF and unplug all non-refrigerated equipment in Boards area

Wash, rinse, sanitize and air dry all containers, utensils, trays, cutting boards, etc

Clean and sanitize all work surfaces

Clean all other surfaces (e.g. Monitor, wall behind fryers and refrigerators, etc.)

Process Towels using towel rotation system

Empty Trash cans

Sweep and scub/squeegee/ mop floors

Restock all paper, plastic, and foil packaging

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