Boards Closing Checklist

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Verify buns are sealed

Discard all cooked products (except chicken)

Start cool-down process for cooked chicken

Store cold food items still within holding time in refrigerator

Green Leaf lettuce and tomato slices

Sliced cheese



Track and record all waste

Discard butter-avored oil in bun roller

Pressure and Open Fryers

Thorough Clean

Boil-out (if necessary)

Taylor Grill

SS Toaster

Contact Toaster

Fry Warming Station

Chicken Warming Station or Tiered Warming Station

Duke Holding Station

Warming Drawers

Pass-Thru Chute System

Food Warmer

Timer Panel

Cold Holding Station (Centerline only)

Turn OFF and unplug all equipment in Boards area (except freezer/refrigerators)

Wash, rinse, sanitize and air-dry all containers, utensils, trays, cutting boards, chicken slicer, etc.

Clean and sanitize all work surfaces

Clean all other surfaces (e.g., monitor, wall behind fryers and refrigerators, etc.)

Process towels using towel rotation system

Discard sanitizer solution and move bucket(s) to sink

Empty trash cans

Sweep and mop/scrub oors

Restock all paper, plastic and foil packaging

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