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Intelligent analysis of customer feedback

Get insight for your business from client feedback collected from all possible sources with a powerful analytical system using computer linguistics technologies
Your tasks

Is the marketing department overloaded with collecting and analyzing client feedback from different sources?

Spend a lot of time comparing your products in detail with competing products?

Do you have no time to track market changes for new players, trends and client requests?

Our solutions Always be informed about what customers think

QVALON will automatically collect all available feedback on store location convenience, service quality and product categories in the Web, identify up to 80 characteristics for each product and classify them, pointing out their weaknesses and strengths. Using the analysis data, you will find out what customers like and what is not. This will allow you to manage the product matrix more efficiently.

Watch out for competitors

QVALON will provide access to a complete catalog of your industry: all existing brands, products and audience preferences. You will be able to compare yourself with competitors in a variety of features (up to 80 pcs.) and track trends in dynamics by brand, SKU and industry as a whole. You will also be the first to know about the emergence of new competitors in the market.

Find out quickly about trend changes

QVALON generates all necessary charts and reports in real time without involving a team of analysts. Thanks to this, you will be able to quickly learn about changes in audience preferences and be able to respond to them: modify the SKU to meet new demands and free niches, strengthen those characteristics that concern your customers most.

System usage results
+34% Customer satisfaction
-25% Return of goods
+19% Revenue from sales
How does the technology work
01 The system collects unstructured data on the Web Feedback from online stores and maps, support inquiries, social media comments, chat-bot dialogues, CRM database data and survey results are suitable for analysis. In this case, random brand mentions will not be taken into account.
02 The system analyzes the context, recognizes tone and meaning No tags or keywords! Thanks to the use of computer linguistics technology, the system with an accuracy of 90% determines the tone of feedback and highlights the necessary characteristics, even if they are not explicitly mentioned in the message. Even reviews that contain sarcasm or irony can be recognized.
03 The system finds insides and displays the results in clear charts At the output, the system generates an individual set of characteristics for each SKU. Displays the results of the analysis in chart format and presentations at the brand, product or industry level. Insides are formed in a ready-made form – on their basis you can immediately formulate hypotheses.
Comparison with manual analysis methods
Manual methods
The final volume of data received within a single survey is processed
The content of the research is limited to the list of questions in the questionnaire, so there is no opportunity to learn something new
Analysis of data from different sources requires different specialists
Analysis of data from different sources requires different specialists
Low feedback analysis accuracy – about 60%
Data is constantly updated - the system regularly monitors the Internet for new feedback
The research includes absolutely everything that consumers say on their own initiative, as a result you can get 8-10 times more insides, compared to manual methods
One system analyzes data from any source: CRM databases, call centers, social networks, feedback sites, surveys, chats, etc.
All data is available at any time to any interested employee
High feedback analysis accuracy — over 90%