May 29-31, 10:00, Istanbul 🇹🇷

Outbound event Next-Gen Retail: Data-Driven Retailing and Pricing

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In the era of constant changes in retail, the key to success lies in the ability to adapt and stay ahead. In this context, myRetailStrategy (, a leading international player in strategic consulting for retail, invites retail business leaders and TOP managers as well as FMCG manufacturers to an outbound event dedicated to data-driven retailing and pricing. The event will be held from May 29th to 31st, 2024, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event, themed "Next-Gen Retail: Data-Driven Retailing and Pricing," includes visits to the international forum Retail Days Turkey "THE NEXT PHASE IN RETAIL E-COMMERCE DIGITALISATION," retail chains in Istanbul, and a strategic case workshop on data-driven retailing and pricing.

Today, the retail industry is undergoing a radical transformation of business models driven by digital data-driven approaches and concepts. Retail companies are increasingly leveraging omnichannel models and investing in technology and innovation to replicate the success of pioneering players. Data has become a key asset for retail companies, necessitating the implementation of data-driven management practices to succeed in the highly competitive retail market.

The event will bring together over 50 representatives from Food and Non-Food retail companies, drugstores, DIY & Household companies, online stores and marketplaces, pharmacy chains, FMCG manufacturers, and distributors, creating a workspace for active interaction and learning.

On the first day of the event, May 29th, a Welcome Party will be held—an informal evening event for participants to network, engage in conversations, and participate in interviews with a retail industry expert in a talk show format. Guests will be served drinks and appetizers. Additionally, guests arriving early in Istanbul can independently attend the first day of the Retail Days Turkey forum with the provided entry ticket.

On the second day, May 30th, two events are scheduled. A morning event involves group visits to the Retail Days Turkey forum accompanied by a Russian-speaking expert guide. In the afternoon, participants can join a retail tour of Istanbul's chains, including well-known companies like Migros, METRO, MAVI, Gratis, A101, Carrefour, or choose to stay at the Retail Days Turkey forum.

On the third day of the event, May 31st, a strategic case workshop titled "Next-Gen Retail: Data-Driven Retailing and Pricing" will focus on next-generation retailing, data-driven approaches, and pricing based on data. Invited experts from leading Turkish and international companies will share their experiences and case studies on stage. The workshop will be conducted in Russian with translations for foreign presentations.

The outbound event in Turkey offers not only an opportunity for knowledge exchange but also a chance for retail entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS countries, as well as Turkey to stay ahead and capitalize on new growth opportunities for their companies.

For more detailed information about the event agenda, experts, and participation conditions, please visit the official event website.

About myRetailStrategy

myRetailStrategy is an international team of experts specializing in developing strategies, sustainable business models, and creating long-term competitive advantages for retail enterprises. "Uniting practice and theory" is the approach and foundation of our methodology. Our industry expertise, based on managerial approaches and tools, has been developed and refined over decades of working with retail companies and validated by global research. Our services and consultations are fact-based and consider a strategic perspective. The company's flagship product is the data-driven dynamic retail pricing platform, SmartPricing.

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