Dec 8, 10:01, Tel Avive 🇮 ;🇱

New Retail Fest

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TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) Conference Center


The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, from the way we live, to the way we work, and the way we shop. It has accelerated the transformation of the retail industry like never before.

New Retail, a term coined by Jack Ma of Alibaba, is the seamless merger of online and offline commerce through the digitization of the entire retail value chain. The new reality is very clear: retailers and brands who will not invest in technology and move to New Retail will stay behind.

New Retail Fest is a global community of retailers, brands, retail tech and eCommerce companies, startups, investors, tech companies and everyone involved in the retail technology world. Our events present practical solutions that enable retailers and brands to stay relevant in these difficult times, connect decision makers and enable the creation of new business opportunities.

We invite you to join our events to learn what’s coming next, showcase your solutions to a high quality audience of decision makers, make new connections and take your business to the next level!