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What to learn from luxury brands



Thanks to the Internet, he is a connoisseur in brands and fashion, becoming more sophisticated. Personalized communication will help to interest him and any channels can be used for this purpose.

In addition to information about the brand value, the luxury audience wants to know the history of its products: what they were made of, where and how (without the involvement of child labor, etc.). The choice of the brand directly depends on the civil position of the customers. 


As the level of awareness of consumers of luxury products has increased dramatically, consultants need to understand the product and keep up with the times. In order to provide the best service to the customers, the staff must be constantly trained, as it is impossible to give knowledge "for the future" because of the constant changes in the market.

Online sales

Online stores have great potential for sales growth. In the current situation, the brands that use the online channel of selling their products, more than doubled their turnover.

Marketing strategies

As each luxury brand is a separate story, there are no universal secrets of success. Non-standard steps relevant to the target audience are effective. Accordingly, any repetition, even if highly veiled, will be noticed immediately and perceived negatively by potential consumers.

Expert advice

  1. Work according to the customer mentality. Gender, age and ambitions of the target audience are no longer the only facets in this portrait.

  2. Develop individual marketing by opening and maintaining new channels of communication with the audience.

  3. Implement technologies that provide customers with maximum comfort at every stage of interaction with the brand.

  4. Provide perfect service.

Implementation of the QVALON corporate standards service system will help to achieve the goal No. 4. The system has already been evaluated by many companies, including Burger King, Amway, Save on Foods, Loblaws.

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