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Working Time Management Efficient WFM solution for managing the working time of employees and automatic staff scheduling
Your tasks

Do you think how to automate staff scheduling?

Are you looking for a solution for electronic timekeeping?

Tired of looking for the optimal number of staff?

Want to optimize your salary fund?

Our solutions Time Tracking

Give up on paper charts and time sheets, forget about manual checks of hours worked! QVALON system will help you convert the process of working hours accounting completely in electronic form. In this way you not only save the working time of management staff, but also minimize errors in the submission of data on hours worked. To calculate your salary based on the electronic time sheet you will need literally a couple of minutes.

Shift Exchange

No more calls to employees to go to the vacant hours. The system will notify the staff about the availability of free hours, shifts - any employee can book a job for himself. As soon as the hours are booked, the store manager will immediately receive information about the additional staff leaving and will be able to form the corresponding tasks.

Normalization of operations

With the system, you can perform precise normalization of operations. The system will analyze the data itself and calculate the time spent by employees on each operation. Based on these data, QVALON will construct the optimal workload and calculate the required number of employees per shift.

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