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Extend the scope of using QVALON ☝️

Mar 16, 2021 4 min read

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Checklists are a very handy tool. There’s a reason that it’s been used for almost 100 years in aviation and medicine. With the help of checklists, it is convenient to control the execution of regulated business processes, for example, to conduct an operational audit in the retail network. To do this, just choose the business process that you want to control, highlight the main stages and ask a control question for each of them.

Extend the scope of using QVALON

Regular monitoring of the checklist will provide you with information on how the company’s standards are met at each stage and allow you to take corrective action. The QVALON system was created for such use, but do not limit yourself.

Whom do we control?

Activities of any company cannot be limited to the work of its employees. There are also contractors, partners and franchisees with whom we want to control the interaction.

Control of contractors

In some situations, a part of business processes in a company is more profitable to outsource. This can be IT services, courier delivery or equipment cleaning. Unfortunately, contractors do not always do their work well, but it is not always possible to control them.

For example, a standard contract with a cleaning company provides for a list of work to be performed, but does not stipulate any quality issues. If you are not satisfied with the way the work is done, you will have to clarify relationships, write complaints and do other unpleasant things. It is a whole other thing when you specify in the contract that quality control will be performed using QVALON.

For example, you can take a photo of an untidy area of the room and attach it to the system. Thus, an unambiguous fact of unsatisfactory work performed by the contractor will be recorded. The main thing is that such an organization of work will be useful for both sides: you will receive compensation or free remedial action and the cleaning company will be able to identify reliable workers.

Control of franchisee

At first glance, the control of the franchisee’s work is limited to financial indicators, but that’s not true. Some uncoordinated actions by an entrepreneur working under your franchise may harm the overall image of the company.

For example, you have a strictly regulated visual image of the brand: which images can be used in promotional materials, and which cannot. And you accidentally come across a franchisee billboard with an image that contradicts the established rules. This will be followed by a long trial and an inevitable conflict.

If your interaction with the franchisee had been built based on the Retail Audit control, a conflict could have been avoided. With regular monitoring by the system, such a situation would simply be impossible. And even if there were any violations of the work rules, there would be no reason for a conflict — all the rules are agreed upon and understood by both parties.

Control yourself

Usually the company’s control is directed outward, but it is equally important to control your own actions. The store manager has a lot of responsibilities that don’t always fit into his memory. In order not to forget current business, most people use diaries, scheduling or electronic task lists. This task can also be performed using QVALON.

You can make a personal checklist to control your routine. By using the system, you will remember everything and be able to analyze which cases you always have time for, and which are often left unfulfilled. With this information, you will be able to organize your activities more effectively.

One more thing. There are always situations related to the work of a company’s manager when it is necessary to make decisions that involve a high degree of risk. To minimize the risk, even the smallest nuances must be taken into account. For such operations, it is advisable to create a checklist so as not to miss a single detail before making a decision.


We have listed only the main areas where you can apply Retail Audit. We are sure you might have many more ideas. The main thing is to try our system in action. We have a test period, during which you will have access to the full functionality of the system. Just get your free trial.